Green moving crates rental

rent moving crate & save money and the invaierment

By Jerry.z.

Small World moving in on green moving crates' Small World moving is proud to offer our customers the cleanest most Environment-friendly way of packing your belongings. Now you can rent a crate for portion of the price you would have paid for cardboard moving boxes and join the effort of keeping our planet greener!

Renting a crate for your move have several incredible benefits that’s includes:

  • Environment-friendly
  • Cheaper than regular moving boxes
  • No need of spending time to buy or collect moving boxes
  • No need of disposal of cardboard boxes after move
  • Crate are sturdily and provide better protection for items
  • Crates are water resistant great for rainy days moving
  • Crates are stackable and easy to move which will reduce your move time

The terms of renting a crate are:

Rent 25 crate or more and receive a side walk delivery to your home free of charge.
For rental of 24 or less crates you can pick up the crates on business hours from our warehouse or pay for delivery base on distance.
The rental period is 14 days, then we will pick them up from you again free of charge.
If you need an extinction for your rental we offer a discounted rate for each additional day.

Some facts about our crates:
Crates all made of recycled materials.
Crates are stackable up to five crates and can be loaded on a crate dolly.
Each crate can be loaded with up to 110 pound.
a crate can hold about 4 cube which is slightly bigger then a medium box.

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