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Should I move myself or hire movers?

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Should I move myself or hire movers? Moving day is approaching and it's time to make a decision as to what moving company you should choose. You want to find a balance between price and reputation as well as seek out the best value for your money. You may also consider moving yourself - after all who will take better care of your belongings than you regardless of how experienced the movers are? On the surface it appears as though moving is a simple process and the only thing you need is stamina and the ability to lift heavy items but as you delve into the details you may find that moving yourself is not as simple as you were hoping it to be. There is a lot of prep work required for a successful do it yourself move. Below is a checklist, not necessarily in the order of importance: 1) Van/Truck - your mode of transportation Some of us have smaller loads that can be completed with a few trips of a pickup truck. Just be sure to check the weather for rain or if using a rental truck, make sure the truck has a lift gate and/or walk board (ramp). If you need to utilize a rental truck, you should consider whether or not you feel comfortable driving one as it does take some skills to back up a 26 foot truck into a tight apartment complex. Confirm the daily charge per mile rate with the truck rental company as well as insurance. If moving a short distance, U-Haul might be a good option as they offer low daily rates but higher cost per mile. Longer drives will be cheaper using Budget or if you have large, heavy items, Ryder or Penske will be a better option as they offer lift gates on their trucks. 2) Moving equipment – important for the protection and ease of handling your items. Keep in mind that you will want to prep your furniture with moving pads and wrap mattresses with plastic covers to protect from damages. Hand trucks and dollies come in handy to move efficiently. Listed below is the basic equipment you will need: Moving pads Tape Hand truck Dolly Straps to secure the load 3) Help - even if most of your items are lightweight, if it safer to have an extra hand. Moving a bed alone is hard especially if there are stairs involved. If you don't have a friend to assist then you can consider hiring a couple of guys. Moving companies sometimes hire out their helpers or you can check craigslist. Be sure to hire help carefully, you don't want someone without any moving experience dropping your boxes. Be sure to get a written confirmation from the helpers as well as cell phone number. Know your abilities: things might look easier than they actually are; I have moved customers that told me they didn't know how difficult it was going to be and hired me to help complete the move. Can you lift heavy items while walking down or up stairs? Can you stack a truck correctly? Can you drive a truck? Can you dissemble and reassemble? Do you have the time? Does your building require liability insurance? Asking the right questions will help you determine if you really want to do the move yourself. Upon reading this article, you should be a little bit clearer as to whether or you not you want to move yourself. Remember if you decide to skip the fun, Small World Moving is here to help! Just give us a call for a free no obligation price quote that will be affordable and sometimes even more cost effective than completing the move yourself.

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