Small World moving Blog

Don’t get scammed

By Jerry.z.

A little about me and what I’m trying to achieve with my blog. I started my involvement in the moving industry 9 years ago. I worked for a moving company located in the Bronx, NY. I was a helper for about a year and was then worked my way up to local foreman, long distance driver and ended as a semi trailer driver. You can say that I have went through all the stages of moving and now for the last 5 years, I am the owner of my own moving company. I met my wife when I moved her, and built my house from moving salaries. While working in the moving industry I have seen many things, particularly the way moving companies deal with customers. I have seen the good and I have seen the bad, but I have always kept my ways straight and honest. I have witnessed customers getting ripped off, sometimes so badly that they are crying and begging for a break. I have seen people getting overcharged thousands of dollars and were still happy and even tipped the movers (very strange huh?). When I opened my moving company, my vision and philosophy was that I am going to make a difference in the industry, but I quickly discovered that making a difference is not that easy. I found myself competing for the business with companies that low ball the customers and get the business by telling lies. I also found out that it is almost impossible to convince a potential customer that the quote that they got is not real, and that they will end paying so much more. But the low price is a powerful weapon and that is the way the companies get you! Part of my fight is this writing this blog, and trying to explain and educate my customers and anyone that is moving, particularly long distance. By now my company has relocated thousands of families. I cannot say that they were all perfect and smooth but I can tell you that at least 90% of my customers will use me for their next move. There are no perfect moving companies but there are some that try to do the right thing while others are just here to make money by any means. You don’t have to be another victim of the moving industry, all you have to do is research to avoid the problems, just be open minded don’t focus only on price.